Looking after our minds and bodies is easier said than done when we live busy, fast paced lives, juggling responsibilities. We struggle to find time to fit even a small bit of rest and relaxation into our day. When the time comes, what do we do? Netflix? Instagram? We zone out of our lives, into someone else’s. What we could do instead, is dip out of our ordinary lives and dip into tranquillity. This country is full to the brim, in every rugged corner, with space and beauty to zone in on and zone out of the daily chores as we take on the task of looking after our wellbeing. Meditation, mindfulness, self-care options are all open to us on this small island. Looking for some ideas?


Mindfulness is about being aware of where you are, your surroundings, what you are doing and appreciating the moment for what it is. Practicing mindfulness is a skill often needing a bit of tuning up but can be done anywhere. Taking time to pause and breathe as you walk through the landscape of our countryside is a perfect way to relax. Notice the trees, the birds, the sprouting flowers and the wind cross over your neck.

Ireland has long been considered a place to lose yourself amongst the maddening days. The wilderness of our rivers, lakes and mountains provide a perfect back drop to soak up the atmosphere, meditate and be mindful once you find that perfect place. All you need to do, is close your eyes and breathe.

Try Yoga

A little bit of guidance is never a bad thing when we are looking after our wellbeing. Joining a workshop which promises gentle yoga, relaxation and breath exercises – because we often forget to simply breathe when the race of life runs away with us – is a great way to set you up for the week.  Check out yoga classes in your area.

Voya Seaweed Baths Strandhill Sligo

You need only say Seaweed Bath and we will be on the next train! The award-winning Voya Seaweed Baths in Strandhill, Sligo, are like no other. You may want to move in permanently they are that good. This family run business has gone from strength to strength since opening in 2000 and now attracts 40,000 visitors a year. They harvest fresh seaweed for the bathhouse which is situated in a stunning coastal village and they also sell the voya natural skin care range.

These baths are a perfect way to detox the body and mind. And after a session amongst the seaweed, why not see what else the bustling village of Standhill has to offer. Visit the beautiful dunes of Strandhill beach. Take a walk to the top of Knocknarea Mountain and gaze up to the top to Queen Maeve’s Grave.



Sandhill House Donegal

Sandhill House is a home away from home offering classes, retreats and workshops to bring your mind, body and soul together. Focusing on the importance of connecting with our wellbeing, owner Lucille Cassidy brings a new wave of mindfulness and self-care to the North West of Donegal. After Donegal became her second home with years spent holidaying there as a child, she opened Sandhill House in 2019 bringing her signature Breath Move Connect class with her. With beautiful ocean views, Sandhill House offers yoga, Pilates and meditation classes and a variety of experiences to suit everyone, helping us to connect with ourselves and care for our minds despite our busy days.


Lake Isle Retreats Fermanagh

What better way to meditate than to find yourself immersed in rustic nature, outside of your normal boundaries and guided through a spiritual retreat. Lake Isle Retreats in Fermanagh offer this and so much more. Designed to restore your mind and body to an unequivocal balance of centeredness, the team of facilitators know exactly how to restore you when life’s upheavals take hold. From a mix of yoga, t’ai chi, reiki, meditation, massage, reflexology, visits to the temple and mindful walks, Lake Isle Retreats bring you back to basics, as you are brought back to your roots and rejuvenated.



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