Many of us have changed the way we holiday over the past year given the current position of the world. While jetting off on a plane may not be ideal, getting stuck into our own world on the emerald isle is most definitely a worthy escape. If you are considering something a little different and have decided to pitch a tent or delve into the world of glamping but don’t know where to start, then let us be your guide.

Camping may seem daunting when you don’t know one tent pole from another, but we were all beginners at some stage and once you get the hang of it, you’ll certainly be a happy camper!

Make A Checklist

Even newbie campers know that camping comes with a lot of equipment so make a list to ensure you have everything you need. A list will keep you organised, keep stress at bay, and start your journey off on the right foot. And when you get to the campsite, you will have everything you need.

Buy A Tent Big Enough

Whether it’s a romantic camping getaway or a family of six, make sure you buy a tent big enough to accommodate you all. First time campers often find themselves cramped in a small tent when they misjudge the sizing, but space is quite important when you’re camping. When buying a tent size up and you can’t go wrong.

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Plan Your Meals

Knowing what your next meal will be takes a huge amount of pressure off when you’re camping. It’s something a lot of us might originally forget about until we become more accustomed to the camping way of life. Make a meal plan and buy your food a couple of days before you leave for your camping holiday. This way you avoid spending time shopping when you get to the campsite!

Follow Campsite Rules

Camping is not a free for all. You absolutely must maintain the rules of the campsite which is only fair to other campers. Clean up after yourself, be courteous to other campers, and observe quiet hours.

Stay Close to Home

Camping is not for everyone, but its something everyone does at least once. If you’re unsure of camping, choose a site close to home so that if something goes wrong, such as the weather taking a turn for the worse, camping equipment failing, or a second night sleeping on the hard ground is suddenly not your cup of tea, then you can easily head home early.

Tips for camping

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Read our suggestions for the best campsites in Ireland.

Know Where to Stay

Ireland is full of beautiful, scenic, and accessible camping spots. Knowing where to stay and what to do when you are there is essential. So do you research and check out the local county councils and tourist boards for interesting, off-the-beaten track, things to do.

  • Eagle Point Camping in County Cork is located at Eagle Point peninsula. A stunning site with picturesque views. Tents and campervans are welcome.
  • Portsalon Luxury Camping in County Donegal is a great way to start off your camping life! Luxurious yurts with stunning coastal views. What’s not to like.
  • Pure Camping in County Clare takes things up a level or two for campers who are looking for an utterly unique experience. This eco camping and glamping site is located on the loop head peninsula and offers a full off the grid getaway.
  • Nore Valley Park in County Kilkenny is the perfect spot to camp with the family. With an on-farm site, this family run campsite offers plenty of activities to keep the little ones entertained.
  • Finally take yourself to the Mourne mountains in County Down for the experience of wild camping. Ben Crom reservoir offers some beautiful spots to pitch a tent. Remember when wild camping to leave no trace behind you.

Main image: Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

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