Planning a holiday or short break can be either incredibly exciting or unbelievably overwhelming! Many of us are also a little out of practice on how to plan that long-awaited summer break. We quite enjoy our trips around the country here at Fit Fun Adventures, so rest assured we have your back on how to plan that well-deserved break in Ireland this year.

Here are our top five tips on how to plan your Irish summer vacation in 2021!

1: Make A List

A long list. An exceptionally long list!

Where to go:

Start off by thinking about where you would like to visit. Take out a map and let it spin to give you ideas on where to go. Whether you land on Dingle or Ballyhaunis, pop it down on your list. At the beginning that list will be awfully long, but as we figure out which places we are most excited about, we can begin to focus on them and expand the idea of a vacation in one area, a number of close localities, or exploring from one county to the next such as along the Wild Atlantic Way.

What to do:

When making your list, decide on what you are looking to do during your vacation. Are you intrigued by the many museums, art galleries, and cultural hotspots which are enticing you? Or are you desperate to get on the water and sail, or paddle board, or surf, or swim? Is the idea of a holistic week of quiet and solitude calling to you with a yoga or meditation retreat? Keep jotting these ideas down on your list even though there may not be enough time to do everything. Knowing what you would like to do helps to focus your plans.

Build an Itinerary:

When you figure out your destination and what you genuinely want to get out of your vacation you can begin to build an itinerary. This is the fun part. You can be as strict as you like with your itinerary as you plan what places and activities you are most interested in and how to get the most out of your time. But remember to include time for rest. Vacations are often exhausting so try not to over fill your itinerary. Use a map to pinpoint the areas you wish you visit. This will give you an idea of timing, how long to visit for, what to do each day, and how to reduce unnecessary travel to a minimum.

Planning your holidays in Ireland

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

2: Find the Locals

The best way to explore an area is to get to know the locals and ask their advice. And what better way to do this before you even get to your chosen destination is to find them online! Put out a call for advice on Twitter or Facebook and you are bound to get some friendly, experienced, and loyal locals who will give you the heads up on the best places to visit, the best things to do, the hidden gems, and most importantly, the best places to eat!

3: Visit the Tourist Boards

The local tourist boards are also a great place to get all the information you need about what to do and see in the area. With up-to-date websites, and active social media platforms, these tourist boards are a wealth of information on how to visit certain areas, including directions, travel arrangements, costs, opening hours, local eateries, places to stay and where to visit. Check out Discover Ireland.

4: Save, Save, Save

When your plan is full, your mind is racing, and the excitement is building, save, save, save. Remember to budget for accommodation, transport, car rental, food and drink, event and attraction charges, insurance, and spending money. The cost of even the most frugal of vacation could begin to spiral if it’s not budgeted for so add in a contingency fund to keep you afloat.

5: Start Booking

And when your plans are all in place and the budget is catered for, you can start booking. Remember when booking to shop around. Prices can rise significantly during the peak season, and costs can mount up. Check for offers and special deals on accommodation, bus tours, attractions. Purchase The Heritage Card which is an excellent way to save money on visiting state owned and maintained heritage sites with free admission to 45 sites across Ireland.

And when all is booked, grab a calendar and start crossing off the days until your holiday!


Main image: Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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