Sponsor a business

Could you help out and support your favourite local business and help with #KeepingLocalOpen?

Please contact us with details of your favourite place to eat, buy a coffee or your favourite treat or your favourite thing to do and sponsor their listing for one or two months to help support them reopen and keep them open.

We are all in this together and need each other to support each other to survive.

Please play your part in #KeepingLocalOpen.

To Sponsor a Business complete the form.  Please insert details of the business you want to sponsor in the additional information section.  You have the option to sponsor a business for three different amounts.  VAT at the rate of 23% will apply to your sponsorship.

Otherwise to get involved please click on https://fitfunadventures.com/contact-us/. and provide us with suggestions of events and businesses that we should list to help promote the business and help the public to find them.

Select you chossen duration from the dropdown and click Add to cart.

You can then use the Message box to tell us about the business / URL to its website on the checkout page.  We  will take it from there.