Schull Sea Safari is a definite must do activity for any visitor to Schull in West Cork.  It is an eco friendly educational activity.

This weather dependent trip gives you a unique opportunity to be at one with the Atlantic Ocean and its surroundings.  You also get to experience the area from the water so you get unique glimpses of the landscape and spot landmarks that you might not notice on land.

The inhabitants of the water are climate and season dependent. With each trip you enter a wildlife lottery regarding what might be seen, the not knowing what to expect adds to the excitement.

Possible sightings to look out for are sharks, dolphins, porpoises, whales, seals, seabirds, leatherback turtles and various jellyfish.

Helen brought us out as far as the Fastnet lighthouse ( ) where we got to see the last landmark our ancestors would have seen as they departed Ireland in the times of the Irish famine.  We got beautiful windswept photos and watched the birds resting on the island.  We also gained a greater appreciation for the lighthouse keepers who would have had to remain out there remotely in all types of weather.

We were blessed with a sunny day and our journey involved a stop off at Cape Clear Island with time to explore the island and stop for a refreshment. The peace there was magnificent and we are tempted to go back and camp there as there is a definite chill vibe on the island.

While we did not get to see dolphins we were lucky to see seabirds and later we spotted seals playing in the water.

We were in safe capable hands with friendly Donnie at the helm of the rib while Helen gave us a great talk on the wildlife and history of the area. The professionalism and knowledge of the dynamic duo was only matched by their enthusiasm and genuineness.

Enjoy your trip and we will definitely do this trip again.

For more information check out the website of Schull Sea Safari (

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