Make 2023 The Year of Self-Care and Being Kind

Winter often brings promises of seasonal cheer and possibilities of snowy fun. In reality we are often dragging our weary bodies out of bed in dark and cold conditions. It’s no wonder many of us feel the hit of the seasons and weather changing. The darker days and worsening weather can bring with it a rapid change in our moods causing irritability, frustration, low mood, depression, and that general feeling of being off and not being able to put our finger on why.

This year, more than any other year, it’s essential we actively pursue minding our mental health and focus on our wellness to get through these darker and more upsetting days of 2023.  There are many ways we can maintain our wellbeing and refocus our minds to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eating well, preserving our social contacts, practising mindfulness, and pursuing activities which keep our minds, bodies, and souls active and uplifted is generally the way to go.  We’ve compiled some activities you may not have thought of but could easily absorb in this winter and into spring.

A Class of Wine

Engaging our minds in something new and different is a positive way to look after our mental health during the winter months. Thinking outside of the box in these instances is even better to keep us actively intrigued by something new. A Class of Wine is a new online wine appreciation class which brings a new meaning to the word appreciation. With many more online courses on the cards, these classes give you an understanding of how to read wine labels, how to pair specific wines with particular meals, and give you an understanding of the basics of wine.

Get Out on the Water

Surfing is a wonderful way to exercise with a heart racing excitement. Sligo Surf Experience not only teaches but creates surfing and bodyboarding experiences you won’t forget on one of Irelands most incredible beaches, Strandhill in County Sligo. Not only does getting out on the water help with posture, flexibility, weight loss and strengthening muscles but also gives you that dose of vitamin D many of us are lacking in the winter months. Sligo Surf Experience comes with a warning, however! They say surfing is addictive and can lead to considerable thrills and spills. I’m sure we’re all ok with that!


Zumba is such a good way to stay fit and healthy while having great fun dancing. Barbara Aluk has taken her Zumba classes online and says every class feels like a party. It’s a lot more beneficial than just having fun. Zumba enhances your mood, increases your confidence, is attributed to better posture and coordination and is one of the best workouts you can do for your body and mind.  Barbara has ten years’ experience teaching adults and children and with her high energy she absolutely loves teaching Zumba.

Yoga and Exercise Classes

If Zumba is not your cup of tea there are plenty of Yoga and exercise classes available to suit your energy levels. Many of these classes still continue to be held online so you can still get active. Remaining active through the winter months is something we all need to actively do as the thoughts of crashing on the couch and binging Netflix seems more enticing when the rain pours down. Exercise helps to lift two of the major signs of seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, which are fatigue and lack of motivation. Exercise is often considered a treatment when it comes to lifting our moods and it works very well. It can decrease our stress levels and increase our overall health and well-being.

Nature and Afternoon Tea

Our minds need just as much exercise as our bodies during the winter months and getting out in nature is a great way to look after our minds. Not only are you soaking up that Vitamin D as you walk along the coast or through the woods, but you are also actively improving your mood and reducing your stress levels. Join up your walk with a treat such as afternoon tea once restrictions allow it. Cawleys Hotel in Tubercurry, County Sligo are known for their ideal location to explore the surrounding area and also for its spectacular local eats.

Try a Seaweed Bath

And if none of that entices you, then why not go another route and try out a seaweed bath at the Voya Baths in Sligo. With so many treatment options available to soothe and relax you, there is a high chance you will walk out of the Voya Baths as though you are floating on Cloud Nine. Using the “therapeutic power of nature” Voya ensure their customers receive organic treatment which increases circulation and promotes good wellbeing. It’s certainly on our bucket list!

2023 The Year of Self-Care and Being Kind

Essentially, this winter we have certainly been set a tough challenge in maintaining a positive outlook. There is always light in the day and we need to remember to care for ourselves as much as we would our loved ones this winter. Whether it is exercise, healthy eating, new activities, getting out in nature, indulging in what you love, or simply being kind to yourself, remember Spring is just around the corner.

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Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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