Receiving gifts at Christmas is quite nice, but giving presents is such a lovely thing to do and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when the gift is well received. When you make the gift yourself, it’s almost twice as nice.


Making your own gifts at Christmas is such a memorable experience with an irreplaceable gift. Because we take the time and intention to create something specifically for friends and family, the extra added thought and love is infused with our gifts. Why not get the whole family involved in making gifts this year for friends, family, even teachers and have a happy homemade Christmas. Some of our favourite ideas are not only sustainable and eco-friendly but also practical and thoughtful.


Homemade Pot Pourri

Wonderfully festive scented homemade potpourri is simple to make and a welcome gift to keep our homes smelling beautiful. Using a Kilner jar and decorating with hemp twine gives your gift a rustic splendour. Collect pine cones in different shapes and sizes and combine them with cinnamon sticks, dried orange and apple slices, and star anise for a beautifully autumnal palette of oranges and browns.


Homemade Jams and Spreads

Using your grandmother’s recipe for the family jam is a beautiful way to keep family traditions and memories alive. Then, add that special touch by using a mason with a little wooden spoon inscribed with your grandmother’s name.


Homemade Heating Pads

A lavender-scented heating pad is one of the easiest things to make, and depending on the materials you choose and how crafty you want to get, it can be one of the most delightful gifts to give. Simply using two layers of 100% cotton fabric, create a pouch that you fill with white rice. Add a few drops of essential oils or dried herbs to create an aromatic scent. Sew your heating pad up and decorate as you like for a wonderful gift which, when heated in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds, makes an excellent heating pad or, if left in the freezer, a fantastic cooling pad.


Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm

Winter is the perfect time to gift lap balm as the biting air chaps our lips. It’s a great one for teenagers to make to gift to friends this Christmas. By using simple ingredients, a homemade lip balm can be made in twenty minutes! Check out this great recipe from Sustainable Cooks to make your own scented balm.

Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Homemade Tea Time

Here in Ireland, many of us are loyal to one particular tea brand over another. But why not tempt your friends and family with some homemade tea this Christmas. A creative and tasty blend to try is homemade chocolate and mint-infused tea. Simply choose your favourite black tea blend and stir it together with dried mint straight from your garden and rich cacao nibs. Store in an airtight container and add a handwritten label with love. You could include a tea infuser and a delightful mug to make this gift set complete.


Homemade Beeswax Candles

Candles are always a welcome gift, especially in winter when extra lighting and warmth from candles create a wonderful Hygge effect in our homes. Making your own candles does not need to be a complicated process and can be wonderfully bespoke and straightforward when you use beeswax honeycomb sheets. Simply roll the beeswax sheets while compacting a wick and decorate as you wish. A wonderfully simple and festive gift.


Homemade Festive Snowglobes

Why not settle into a day of crafting with the kids and make homemade snowglobes for the whole family? A fun, creative craft, every snowglobe can be different and even match the person’s personality you are gifting it to. Check out these fun and creative methods to get just the right amount of sparkle.


Homemade Body scrub

Body scrubs can be quite expensive without the Christmas markup. So instead of buying your aunts favourite scrub this year, why not make her your own variety? And there are plenty to choose from. For example, you could use brown sugar for a scrub best suited to sensitive skin or a salt scrub which can be more abrasive. By adding a variety of essential oils, your homemade scrubs could be one of the best gifts she receives this year.


Homemade Seasonal Wreath

Whether it is on the table or on your door, a wreath at Christmas is always a welcome gift. Making it yourself adds a touch of intention and love to the soft woodland scent. Using cutoffs found in your own garden or the woodland you frequent, choose rich green foliage and deep red berries to add to your wreath.


Homemade Beard Balm

Finally, a quick and easy gift for the beard wearing man in your life, make them a scented beard balm or oil with intoxicating notes of juniper and cedarwood. The two main ingredients for beard oil are a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil and essential oils for scent, moisturising, and stimulating hair growth.

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