Ireland may be small, but it can certainly be expensive as we make our way around the villages, and stunning sites the island has to offer.

While holidaying in Ireland comes with an intense and evocative history, a landscape only imagined, and a greeting from locals to warm your heart, it can also come with an unexpected bill or two.

If you are holidaying on a budget in Ireland, we have a few tips for you!

Hunt Out Inexpensive Airbnb’s and BnB’s

Accommodation in Ireland can be a tricky one to get right especially if you are on a tight budget. A hostel is often the way to go when trekking across our green lands, however you may be able to find something a little more upmarket if you hunt out the many inexpensive Airbnb’s  and BnB’s dotted throughout your chosen corner of the island. Cheaper than a hotel, you are also likely to come across some interesting and unique lodgings from castles to quaint cottages. Search and book early to avoid disappointment.

Share or Swap with Friends

If the options of Airbnb’s are limited, why not look to your friends for choices. The idea of swapping houses for a short break is not new, but it is often international house swaps we think of. Start considering closer to home and look into either house swapping with a friend or relative on the other side of the country, or switch into and find a unique and affordable solution.

Rent A Car

Accessing the rural tips of Ireland and venturing into areas outside of a good bus or rail network can be a curse as you make your way around Ireland. For the most intrepid explorers, cycling is quite possibly the best way to take in all of the sights and sounds our island has to offer. But for those a little less enthused by the vast expanse of our lands and the unpredictable weather, we recommend hiring a car. While it may certainly put a hole in your daily budget, the benefits outweigh the costs as the possibilities open to you are endless.

Take Advantage of Free Heritage Sites

OPW Heritage sites are reopening with protective measures in place. But happily, there are no charges for visiting OPW sites at the moment which means there are more places available to us as we try to stick to a budget on our adventures this year. And when entrance fees are reintroduced, visitors can avail of a reasonably priced Heritage Card giving access to Irelands past. Be sure to check restrictions, opening hours, and visitor advice for the individual sites before making your way there.

Adopt the Picnic Mindset

Take to a campfire, invest in a durable picnic blanket, and adopt the picnic mindset. Holidays are adventures and what better way to explore Ireland on a budget than to pack the essentials, take to a must-see location and bring a picnic with you. And while you may be eating it out of the boot of the car with sand gathered between our toes, an Irish picnic is often impromptu, off the beaten track, delicious, and memorable.

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