Having the opportunity to explore and dive headfirst into adventure is an explorers dream, but all fearless travellers need time to rest. And there is much to love about a lazy, slow day in Ireland. From endless indulgent ice creams, long leisurely walks, piercing sunsets, and charred barbeques lazy days at home can be a family adventure.

Explore at Your Leisure

How we explore our lands does not mean we have to be consumed by an itinerary, a checklist, or even a guidebook. We can simply slow down and explore at our leisure. Heading out for a wander, or an unplanned adventure, without having a destination can be one of the most relaxing and yet accomplishing days out. These kinds of lazy days are often without stress or pressure as we lean into wandering to wherever our heart desires. Taking a journey at your own pace allows us to explore and head off the beaten track. And by being more mindful of everything around us, we can tune into our world more. Soaking up the culture, history, and people around us as we consciously choose slower days over hectic explorations is an ultimate lazy day as we break the rules or rather abandon them altogether.

Isle of Innisfree Co. Sligo MMCL

Wait for the Tide

With 6,200km of coastline around Ireland, a true lazy day here has ample opportunity for us to sit and wait for the tide. Take to any of Irelands sandy, secluded, or vast beaches and spend the day watching the waves, digging your toes into the wet sand, and breathing in that salt air.


Explore Ireland’s Heritage

It’s not unusual for locals to miss the history and exploration at their feet as we grow up around the ruins and rivers we’re used to. This summer there are no excuses as for the second year running, OPW Heritage sites across Ireland are open with free admission. We can uncover the megalithic tombs or wander through the medieval halls of yesteryear. From Adare Castle in Limerick to Tintern Abbey in Wexford, there is much to explore in every part of the country. A full list of sites is available from the Heritage Ireland website with lots of advice about how to explore Irelands historic back garden.

Chilling in Co. Clare

Take a Day Off

Good weather, the potential for barbeques, and a little extra free time does not mean you have to fill it. It’s never a bad idea to take a day off from exploring, to catch your breath, to even be bored. Boredom is a great motivator so use the time to recoup and rest while building the excitement for your next adventure. Take a moment to research some ideas about where you will go next.


Explore Your Back Garden

We can very easily forget what is right in front of us and where the opportunities to rest are. So whether you have a hammock lying across your lawn, or if the local park has grown a wildflower meadow, remember to explore your local area and your own back garden.

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