Do you want to see the highest waterfall in Ireland?  The Devil’s Chimney awaits you.

Of course, I said yes and off we went to join Auriel from Seatrails on a hike to the Devil’s Chimney or Sruth in Agaidh an Aird on the Sligo Leitrim border.  It is situated close to the nearby Glencar Waterfall and Glencar Lake that are also worthwhile checking out.

We chose to go with Seatrails so that we could get lots of information on the archaeology of the area as well as the folklore while we enjoyed the views over Glencar, Leitrim and Sligo and the surrounding area.

We headed off well wrapped up for the hike and the elements.  There was great excitement as Auriel indicated that the wind was in our favour.  This meant that we might get to see some “smoke” shooting out of the chimney.

Following sheep trails we reached the border stream where we had a welcome break for some warming hot chocolate.

We then headed off to the top of the cliff and were met with the steaming water spray and smoke rising as we approached.  It was wonderful to be up close and see nature at work with the wind creating the phenomenon of the water seemingly flowing upwards from the water fall.

It was well worth the hike to enjoy the beautiful scenery and views from such a great height.

Afterwards we sauntered down again to Glencar Lake and of course had to stop off at the tea shed for further refreshments.

Nature, beauty and a natural unique magical place.   So next time you are in the area be sure to visit and check this place out.  Even better in the wind and rain.

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