A special place in rural County Galway.

When to visit Connemara?

There is no best time to visit Connemara, but be sure to check the weather forecast a few days beforehand to make sure you have clear skies. The scenery becomes more interesting when it is sunny and you will have a better time exploring and hiking in good conditions.

It is best to go before the days get shorter. February to September is best.

Views in Connemara National Park

How do I get to Connemara National Park?

If you don’t have a car, public transport is a solution.  Galway Citylink buses serve Letterfrack with a stop close to the Connemara National Park. So no need to look for directions, just get on the bus!

When you arrive at the stop you need to head towards the National Park until you arrive at the car park and the entrance. Connemara National Park is made up of 3 routes with 3 different levels. The one that will give you the most incredible view is the 3rd course “Upper Diamond Hill” about 10 km walking/hiking route. It is the longest course but gives a magnificent result. It’s worth the effort! All along the hike, signs are posted to indicate the direction. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost.

Diamond Hill View

What to bring with you for the route

Hiking is all about equipment. So bring trainers/good quality walking shoes as there is a lot of walking so you need to be comfortable. But also an adequate outfit to feel comfortable.  Cover up and bring warm clothing for yourself because even if it is sunny, when you reach the summit the wind blows very strongly.  Remember to bring your own food to enjoy a picnic on top of the Connemara with a breathtaking view.  Remember to hydrate often too.

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