Adding Your Business

We offer you the opportunity to show case your business on our website.

Details of the listing:

We offer you the opportunity to place a listing for your business on our website for an upfront fixed price for a 12 month period. Your subscription is then renewed on an annual basis thereafter.

You can be found by your name, your activity and your location when a search is done on the site. In order to list your business we would ask that you create an account so that you can create your own business listing, review your details and listing at your convenience. Please complete the form as comprehensively as possible. The more information you provide the better we can showcase you and your business.


We  would suggest that you upload some photographs and recommend at least five photographs that best display you and your business. You can regularly update and change your photos whenever you wish. To do so please log in to your account.


People like to know who they are doing business with and the people behind the business. We would ask that you provide us with a short video (up to 60 seconds) to showcase you and your business. Please explain why you set up your business and what motivates you to continue to do so.

You can also upload other videos and change videos. To do so please log in to your account.  Click here to complete your business listing and add your business to our search engine.

Vendor Registration

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Getting listed in 4 easy steps…

  1. Register with us as a customer
  2. Add your business details in our one stop form
  3. Pay for your chosen listing
  4. We review your listing and make it live within 24 hours