Spring is the season of renewal. Restoration and revival abound as new life appears, the days grow longer and the weather sweeter. We are all in desperate need of the freshness and newness of life after the hardships of this past long winter and where better to experience this rejuvenation than from our countryside’s which are entwined with the folklore and mythology of rebirth.

Here are five reasons to explore Ireland in Spring and how to enjoy it.

1: The Green Man Says So

You may have come across The Green Man on many of your travels but not understood what he stands for. The Green Man, often depicted as a face in foliage surrounded by rich green leaves, is a symbol of rebirth and regrowth which evolved from Celtic mythology. The Green Man is believed to be Cernunnos, the horned god known to be the lord of wild things and places. Learn more about the Green Man.

A symbol of birth and renewal, this Celtic god of the forest calls for the vibrancy of Spring to be enjoyed, respected, and protected as we make new and restore our lands from Winter. When walking through our landscapes, be sure to keep an eye out for the Green Man who can be hidden within sculpture on wonderful forest walkways, on our buildings depicting Celtic architecture and often on our church buildings who embraced The Green Man for the purpose of rebirth.

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2: A Rainbow of Colour Reborn

Spring is a sensational season with a new vitality as regrowth appears and illuminates even the dullest of days. The ground, which was temporarily dark and dreary, now surrenders to the fresh blooms brightening up with every colour of the rainbow as new life appears. Ireland’s meadows are exemplary in showing their vivacity and colours as Irish wildflowers bloom.

We don’t have to go far to experience the vibrancy of Ireland’s beautiful treasures as our own homes, as well as the manor houses, are awash with bright flowers, plants, and blossoms. To view an exemplary array of what Spring has to offer, head to the Burren in County Clare and witness Spring in all of her majestic beauty. The wildflowers which peek through the gaps in the limestone rock of the Burren expose a rainbow of colour as Spring encapsulates rebirth. Read more about a Visit to the Burren and Plan Your Visit to the Burren.

Photo by William Carletti on Unsplash

3: Explore Without an Audience

Visiting Ireland in the Spring gives you the opportunity to explore our vast landscapes without the heaving crowds which are often about in the Summer months. Spring in Ireland, with its fresh crisp air and regrowth, offers so much to the explorer who delves into the valleys, high on the mountains, and into the lakes.

Visiting the ever-popular Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, or the Giants Causeway in Antrim  or Sliagh Liag (Slieve League) in Donegal  or Cuilcagh Mountain Walk Stairway to Heaven or boardwalk in Fermanagh during Spring will offer greater flexibility and a wider choice of options with less crowds. You will almost feel as through the landscapes, towns, and manors of Ireland are yours and yours alone.


4: Witness New Life

What better way to witness nature in all of her glory than to watch new lambs make their way through the bright green fields of Ireland. Nature truly ramps up a gear in April when Spring is zooming full throttle into lambing season and an abundance of new life with the birth of so many animals, birds, and sea life. There is something wonderful about watching this new life along our landscapes grow with its surrounding lands.

Explore Irelands farm and wildlife in Spring and get a true sense of why The Green Man is so symbolic. Watch the puffins on the sea cliffs, most notably the Cliffs of Moher, and the gannet colonies off Bull Rock in County Cork. Watch out for badgers, squirrels, and pine marten in our woodlands. And you may see the silhouette of bats swarming in our night skies. Learn More about Irish Wildlife.


Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash Things to do in Ireland Spring Lamb

5: Never Mind the Weather

Spring, although still cool with spring showers, is more welcoming than any other season. The freshest air, a vibrant blanket of colour, and rainbow after rainbow, Ireland in Spring is fresh and wonderful no matter the weather. There is no such thing as bad weather after all, simply bad clothing.

So make sure to come prepared for the warm spring days, the drizzling rainy days, and the windy days. Regardless of the weather, Ireland in Spring opens its arms to warm you with its fresh landscapes, new life, and desire to chase the pot of gold.

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Main Photo by Megan Johnston on Unsplash

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