Autumn can be a tricky time of year. As kids settle back into school, they are more tired with the adjustment to new routines and schedules. The weather does not always play ball, and the cold begins to creep in. And we are juggling the usual familial roles without the promise of holidays or sunshine on the horizon.

The autumn, however, is a great time of year to get stuck into new hobbies, and we have the perfect list for everyone in the family to try as the season turns.

1: Cooking Time

We all know how to cook to a degree, but there is something special about learning about ingredients and intuitively knowing what flavours work well together. This autumn, learn about what is in season and the best way to cook perfectly fluffy potatoes.

Try your hand at a delicate tiramisu or learn how to braise beef expertly. There is so much to learn about cooking. World cuisines are your proverbial oyster.

cooking together

2: Learn a Musical Instrument

From the piano, guitar, double bass, violin, and even the bagpipes, learning a musical instrument is fun and an excellent skill. You never know when you might be asked to join the band!

Learning an instrument is best done with a knowledgeable teacher, but if you are interested in dabbling to see what instrument may suit you best, youtube can be an excellent interim guide with many people being self-taught in their instrument of choice.

Learning to play the violin

3: Give Volunteering a Try

Volunteering may not exactly be a hobby and quite often a vocation, but volunteering is an excellent activity for the whole family to get involved. With volunteer opportunities covering almost every job, task, talent, and enterprise, we can use our skills to make a difference in the lives of others. At this time of year, the shoebox appeal often calls for volunteers to support the cause.

The national volunteer database, iVol, is full of opportunities where the support and kindness of individuals and families are appreciated.

Volunteering can teach teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and organisation, encouraging empathy, understanding, compassion, and selflessness. All of which are excellent skills and traits to reinforce in our kids.


4: Take to Photography Course

Photography is a wonderful pastime, with each photographer displaying creativity, influences, design, and ideas. With more to photography than pointing and clicking, keen photographers are often found in the studio editing their stunning images to find the perfect angle and using their talents to make their snaps dramatic and poignant. There is so much that can be done with photography, and in a season such as autumn with its vibrant colours, it’s a perfect time to learn.

View the world through a lens and uncover a new passion.

taking photographs

5: Learn a New Language

With the world becoming smaller and wonderfully multi-cultured, learning a new language is more ideal than ever. While languages don’t come naturally to everyone, how we learn languages has changed and is more dynamic, focused, and enjoyable than ever before.

With so many languages to choose from, why not pick more than one this autumn!

sign language

Let us know your suggestions.

Want to be more adventurous then why not try camping this autumn amd winter.

Other hobbies to try:

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