Summer days can often be long and sometimes tedious as we try to keep the kids entertained. Amazingly they do get bored with the tv, their toys and computer games and find themselves glued to our heels. When it comes to entertaining our kids, it is worth having a list of possible things to do close to hand and even better when those ideas are free, or almost free. We have compiled a list of fun family games for the great outdoors. Being outdoors is good for our mental health, revitalises our attitudes and helps us to get a good night’s sleep. Keep this list handy for those long summer days.

1: Charades

Charades needs no introduction as we have all more than likely played this at one stage of our lives or another. Take it outside while the sun shines to soak up that vitamin D while having fun.

2: Go on a bug hunt

Our back gardens are natures domain and you may be surprised with the number of bugs who have made your hedges their home. Go on a bug hunt and find as many creatures as possible. If you have a magnifying glass or two to hand in the house also, they are great when counting how many legs are on a centipede.

3: Be an archaeologist! Dig in the dirt

Digging in the dirt is probably one of our favourite things to do as kid. How big of a hole can we dig, and what will we find? Be an archaeologist and map out your site before digging. Excavate the site and be amazed by what you find, even if it is an old clothes peg. Everything is a treasure.

4: Climb trees

There came a day somewhere in the last ten years when climbing trees became dangerous and kids were forewarned not to climb the branches. Climbing trees, however, creates authority and skill in our children who learn to understand their abilities and get close to nature at the same time. Be prepared for scraps and falls but also adventure!

5: Jump in puddles

There is nothing wrong with a puddle or two and when they are large and deep, they are simply asking to be jumped in. Until the water soaks away, jumping in puddles creates one of the best memories of our childhood. It is even better when everyone gets involved.

6: Find shapes in the clouds

One of the best wind-down and relaxation games is as simple as finding shapes in clouds. Using their imagination to create shapes, creatures, and stories out of the clouds is not only creative but a long-lasting tradition.

7: Hide and Seek

When all else fails, hide! Hide and seek is one of the most popular childhood games with good reason. With hours of replay-ability in as many locations as you can think of, this family game never gets old.

8: 20 Questions

“20 Questions” is an easy and fun game to play with the older kids and can quite literally be played anywhere. Allowing each person to only ask 20 yes or no questions, they must guess who you are before they run out of things to ask or the timer runs out if you want to add a exciting level to the game. Either way, it is the perfect post picnic game.

9: Sidewalk Picasso

Grab the chalk and let loose. Let your inner artist out with one of the simplest and arguable the most fun summer games. Chalk can be picked up quite cheaply in any of your local arts and crafts or euro shops. Giving hours of entertainment, its worth having some chalk to hand whenever the kids come to you saying, “I’m bored!”

10: Simon Says

Along with Racing, Tag, and Red Light, Simon Says is one of those must play kids games. Elaborate with your kid’s skills and have them do dance moves, running on the spot or more adventurous tasks by saying Simon Says before each activity. If they move and you did not say Simon Says, they’re “on” and it’s your turn to dance a jig.


Image by alteredego from Pixabay

Author: admin