Rainy days can put a stop to the best-laid plans and adventures. And while our teenagers would happily put their headphones on and curl up with their devices, a spot of rain doesn’t mean we can’t get out the front door. Here are our top ten indoor days out with the kids.

1: Hit the Arcade

Playing whack-a-mole may bring you back to your 1980’s childhood as you and your friends propped up every arcade machine and game, but the retro style of the arcade is not as outdated as you may think. Grab those tokens and spend a day laughing and challenging each other. And take to the lanes and get competitive with bowling, as many arcades are home to much more than the machines.

2: Plan Your Escape

Who said rainy days are without fun and excitement? Find your inner Sherlock Holmes and crack the case to escape the locked room! Escape rooms have become wildly popular in the last few years, with exciting venues popping up throughout the country.

3: Make It EPIC

As Europe’s leading tourist attraction, EPIC, the Irish immigration museum, takes you on a journey like no other. With interactive displays and incredible visuals, EPIC discovers why Ireland and its people are so well celebrated throughout the world.

4: Cimb the Wall

On the off-chance the kids are climbing the walls at home, why not get them out the door to literally climb the walls. Wall climbing gyms have increased in popularity over the years with walls designed for younger beginners and more daring heights and depths for older kids.

5: Join the Circus

At one time, the circus was the biggest adventure of our younger years. With a waning interest, the circus has made a roaring return with death-defying displays, attractions, and entertainment. One of the oldest circuses in the world, Duffys, and Ireland’s national circus, Fossetts, have both travelled the country all year showcasing their splendour and talent.

6: The Indoor Outdoor Adventure

While not strictly an indoor adventure, why not consider touring some of Ireland’s oldest and most interesting caves? From the Alliwee Cave in County Clare and the Dunmore Caves in Kilkenny to the Marble Arch Caves in County Fermanagh, a tour of these amazing natural creations makes for a fantastic day out.

7: Recruit Special Ops

Airsoft may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but teenagers love it! Suitable for those over 12, it certainly provides a different type of entertainment as teams try to eliminate each other for the coveted notoriety of being called the winner.

8: Get Your Skates On

Rollerskates are wonderfully retro but have made an exquisite comeback. Htting the roller rink makes for a fun day out as everyone tries to balance on their quads. There is most certainly a knack to it, but falling is half the fun. Added to that fun is the retro disco feel with the lights, glamour, and high hair if you’re tempted!

‚Äč9: Splash About

Who says a rainy day means you have to stay dry! Head to an indoor water park such as Aquazone in Dublin, and spend the day splashing about amongst the generated waves in the wave pool or bodyboarding down the flow rider. If the excitement is too much, then take to the lazy river.

10: Find The Quirky Museums

And, of course, it would be remiss of us not to highlight the potential of a day visiting the many museums this country has to offer. But perhaps throw your kids a curveball and find the hidden treasures and the quirky museums such as the Leprechaun Museum, The National Wax Museum or the Irish Rock’ n Roll Museum Experience.




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